Oratory of the Common Life
Formation Program

As with all religious societies, Holy Orders are coincidental to the Oratory of the Common Life.  The Oratory does maintain a sacramental approach to Christianity and so recognizes the need for Holy Orders for that purpose.  Whether a candidate is already ordained or seeking ordination, determines the formation requirement that is necessary to serve as clergy within the Oratory of the Common Life.  The extent of the formation may not be identical for every candidate.  The steps are as follows:

1) Read the formation program outline.
2) Make contact with the formation / vocational director.
3) Formulate an individual program based upon an assessment of individual needs.
4) Complete the program that you and the director outline.
5) Complete an examination designed to demonstrate understanding of the Old Catholic charism in general and that of the Oratory of the Common Life in particular.
6) Arrange for ordination or incardination.

Not everyone who inquiers has exactly the same background nor the same aims or goals in ministry.  While we normally require a college degree for ordination, that is not a fixed requirement.  Likewise, having a degree in theology would not automatically qualify anyone for Holy Orders.  In truth, we prefer a background in something other than theology.  We have the capability to provide a candidate with all the basic theological study needed.

The majority of reading materials can be found on the internet, most on our main page.  Anyone expecting to proceed in the formation program must be prepared to read a lot.

Time required to complete the program depends entirely upon the individual; but, expect to dedicate about 6 to 9 months of preparation on the average but may be longer or shorter depending upon the individual.

If you are still interested in being ordained within our community then contact the formation director at:.  vocations .